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As the pressure on bricks and mortar stores to remain relevant and profitable increases, Lincsafe can help to free up staff time and reduce costs by transforming the way you handle cash. 

Lincsafe enables Retailers to:

  • Improve Customer service

  • Reduce Operating costs

  • Reduce Shrinkage

  • Improve Cash flow

Amongst our most popular retail solutions are the BSC and the PRO.

What our customers tell us:

  • They feel more pressure to remain relevant and profitable when faced with growing online sales and digitisation.
  • New alternative payment methods lead to increased cost and complexity to adopt and adapt.
  • Cash remains a critical payment method however it is slowly declining within the payments mix.

Our advice is: If you Do Nothing the cost of taking cash will go up! Automation is key to reducing the cost of cash and this is where Lincsafe can help.

Contact Lincsafe today and we will design the right solution for you.

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