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Case Studies

Lincsafe designsdevelops and manufactures its own products. Here you can find some of the concepts and projects we are working on for our clients. Some are thought by Lincsafe, but more often the ultimate customer / user is the one who comes with the idea.


This Lincsafe in-house development is an automatic, intelligent and closed cash drawer

A closed cash register leads to more security and fewer errors when giving change. The cashier does not come into contact with the money, so a very hygienic money handling. The system can be emptied by a value transporter, so there is less risk for you and your staff.

Both the hardware and the software have been realized entirely in-house. By first making a wooden model, all ergonomic and practical aspects were examined and then the software was developed by our own R & D department.

Lincstation 2 LoRes shadow

point2pay totaal lowres



Subsequently, various devices have been tested in the field and there is now a counter and a stand alone version that has been very well received in the market.

If no POS system is available, a complete POINT2PAY system can be offered in collaboration with PAY PLAZA.

The Lincstation is another own development in which we anticipate in the Cash handling market. 

Payment Kiosk


Lincsafe builts the self service machine you are looking for

In a very close cooperation with G4S, Lincsafe developed a bill payment kiosk. The first application was a government project allowing the users to pay outstanding fines at policestations and airports. The payments are instantly processed. Next to this the policeofficials can use the system for the registration of new fines and the cash settling of these new fines.

CJIB tvu open LR

The unit is equipped with a Wifi Pinpad (pin and NFC), two banknotes readers, banknotedispensers, coin payment and dispensing, 4G modem, RFID tagreader, 2D barcode reader and kiosk printer.  




PIN change machine


Do you want to change Banknotes?

The PIN-exchange machine was introduced late 2016 for the gaming / arcade customers. The unit is able to take banknotes and EFT payments (Pin + NFC) and dispenses notes and coins (10.000 of 2 euro).

The unit can be used to break large notes into smaller notes; notes to coins or withdraw from your account. It offers customizable TFT touchscreen, RFID tagreader, kiosk printer.

Bus driver deposit machine


  • For the public transport, we developed a machine to allow chauffeurs to deposit daily takings and buy new booklets with tickets (this is an optional addon).
  • The machine offers coin and notedeposit using a cloudbased setup of the machine. The machine comes with a 15inch tft touch, printer, rfid reader and full functioning monitoring system with backoffice functions and reporting.

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