Barcode scanner
Banknote deposit
Coin deposit
Electronic lock
Banknote rejects
Coin rejects
Sealbag deposit

Features and Specs Paystation


Features Paystation

  • Payment of (all sorts) bills / acceptance giros
  • Pay for access, credit or for goods
  • PIN and NFC built-in or at the desk via Wifi
  • Detached for placement in lobby or by the wall
  • Acceptance / Acceptance of each banknote
  • Acceptance / intake of each currency
  • Issue of all coins
  • Issue of max 4 different types of banknote
  • Communication through Ethernet and / or 3G / 4G
  • Barcode scanner 1D / 2D
  • Various possibilities for lock
  • Wall thickness adjusted for placement
  • Built-in card reader for (bank) passport, RFID, NFC
  • Battery that takes over in case of power failure

Specifications Paystation

  • Dimensions: W580 x D300 x H1455
  • Weight: 65 Kg